It’s that time of year again kids; Halloween is creeping up and that means we are going to be seeing more and more events here on Hook Life as all the hookers come out to play. First up is an event we have posted several times on here with photos and videos from last year’s performance. Evolved Body Art is once again presenting Trauma, and this year marks their 10th anniversary of fetish and fun in Columbus. The two day event will take place October 27th and November 4th, starting at 9pm. There will be a range of entertainment including a suspension performance choreographed by Mute-One featuring Jamie Mayhem, Bella Vendetta, Lauren D., and Dave Kelso. Also gracing the stage that night will be the talented Anna and the Annadroids, multiple DJs, burlesque, and so much more.

Tickets can be purchased at Evolved or online, and are $20 pre-sale and online or $25 at the door. If you are feeling adventurous you can snag tickets for both nights for only $30 (pre-sale only). With this kind of line-up, how could you possibly pass that up? Be sure to check the website before you attend, and be aware of the rules in place for this event.

I’m sure we will see a lot of wonderful photos and videos in the next few months from this event! Thanks for passing it along to us Mute-One.