Suspension Competition Entry #10 with the information provided by the submitter:

Information about the entry: The Hollywood Pilgrimage Memorial Monument was erected in 1923 to the memory of Christine Wetherill Stevenson, a founder of the Hollywood Bowl and John Anson Ford Amphitheater is a steel cross 32 feet high only a few hundred feet of treacherous hiking from the Hollywood Freeway overlooking the buildings she founded in Hollywood, California. On Easter Sunday in 2008, members of CoRE suspended Nub from this structure with the intentions of leaving him and all of the rigging gear there. Nub came up with the concept and it was his intent to have the authorities figure out how to get him down and what to do with him afterwards. After weeks of preparations, scouting the site, and legal research we suspended him in time for Easter service to let out and waited for the authorities to arrive. After approximately an hour and countless helicopter fly overs, it was finally decided that day would not be the day to leave him for someone else to bring down and post.