Suspension Competition Entry #9 with the information provided by the submitter:

Information about the entry: While in Otta (4 hours north of Oslo) for Sideshow and suspensions, we [CoRE & WOD] heard there was a potential rigging spot on top of the mountain. A twenty minute drive up steep and curvy dirt roads, and a 40 minute hike through slate mines and woods, Steve Joyner and myself, pierced and rigged Marita in the only suitable place we found. There was just the three of us and all we had to worry about was to get down the hill before dark. It belongs to the story that we got directions from a old local out hunting for moose, and that we had left the gloves behind in the van, so Steve tracked back and fetch them. That set us back about an hour and a half. Aftercare was done in the back seat, quick and efficiently, and pretty damn close to protocol too. The temporary field ‘bandage’ held up the whole walk back.