I have been told for a few years that every practitioner should attend the Oslo Suscon at least once. After finally having the opportunity to go, I now see why. It really was just such an incredible environment to work in, with so many amazing people there to learn from. It somehow had all the sense of family that we love about the community here in the US, but with none of the egos that often are felt when we come together. I think most of that comes from the level of respect that everyone present has for Håvve,Christaine, and the Wings of Desire team as a whole. Rather than trying to one up each other or show off, the people who attend are there to work with one another, learn, and share in their love for body suspension. It really is such an amazing event to be a part of.

Getting to Oslo, I was fairly nervous to be working with so many people that I respect and look up to in a setting that I was completely unfamiliar with, but as soon as I walked in everyone involved made me feel right at home. The weekend started with setting up the venue, which was my first clue that things would be a little different than most events; everyone was actually working, and more than that, they were happy to be helping out. The people who were there as Crew or Volunteers all seemed really excited just to be present for what we all knew would turn out to be a fantastic event. It really set the tone for the whole weekend to start off being surrounded by people that were so upbeat and positive, plus it was a great chance to get to meet each other and to get comfortable with the venue.

With everything ready to go, the next day meant the official start of the 11th annual Oslo Suscon. Håvve took the time to speak to everyone for orientation, making sure we were all on the same page with how the weekend would work, as well as taking down information for the suspensions that would happen throughout the weekend. As the afternoon classes wrapped up, it was finally time to get people in the air. It felt like the entire room came to life with energy. There were smiles and laughter through the venue, people were on almost every point swinging or just peacefully hanging, and the whole atmosphere was alive with happiness and excitement.

The rest of the weekend really seems like it just flew by. There were a number of beautiful suspensions and so many people who helped make it a wonderful weekend that I don’t think I could even begin to name them all. I do hope that more practitioners from the US attend this event at least once. It had a huge impact on me, and the difference in attitude and environment there is unbelievable. The whole venue is relaxed and peaceful, everyone is respectful of the suspendees by keeping it relatively quiet and letting them have their moment while they hang, and most amazingly is that everyone works. They aren’t busy picking and choosing which epic project they will be a part of, they just jump in where they are needed and get the work done. There were fairly new practitioners helping out with incredible suspensions, and some of the most seasoned doing bio for basic suspensions. I think there is so much that any practitioner with any amount of training could take away from the attitudes and the level of respect that is shown during this event.

Talking with many of the people there, none of us could really name what it is that makes Oslo Suscon so special. I think it is a combination of a million little things pulled together by the immense amount of love that Håvve and Christiane have for this craft and the people of this community. Added to that is their team who show that same level of caring and respect for the work they are doing. Whatever the little spark is that makes it so great, I am thankful for it. I left Oslo feeling completely recharged in my love for suspension, and reminded of how amazing the people in this community are. Thank you to everyone who put so much hard work into this event, and all of the people there who made it an incredible weekend.