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2011 Dallas Suspension Practitioner Convention

The 2011 Dallas Suspension Practitioners Convention will take place from Friday, April 22nd to Sunday, April 24th, 2011 in Dallas Texas.  The three day event will feature expert speakers, classes in technique and safety, advanced suspensions and entertainment geared toward suspension practitioners.

This event is not for people wanting to attempt their first suspension. If you are new to the art of suspension and would like more information, please contact a group in your area.

Mission Statement:

The objective of this convention is to promote international communication within the suspension community, share information on techniques, protocols and safety measures, and address many concerns that have been arising due to the negative overexposure of suspension in the media. As you surely know, the suspension community has been growing in leaps and bounds with very little education and regulation to keep our industry in check.  Events such as the 2011 Dallas Suspension Practitioners Convention afford us the opportunity to provide education and standardize regulation among suspension communities from around the globe. 

Our estimated attendance will be 150+ suspension practitioners and body modification professionals.  This event is for our suspension community to come together and share knowledge and skills with each other in a socially constructive and beneficial way. 


Preparing for Performance
Instructor - Steve Joyner - Founder of CoRE

Connecting to Transcendence: Rituals and Sacred Spaces in Daily Life.
Instructor - Brian Fennig - B.S. / M.Ed. / MLA

Rigging - Math and Physics of Suspension
Instructor - Allen Falkner - Event Organizer

Suspension Specific Blood Borne Pathogens Overview
Presented by Health Educators
Instructors - Adam Santos and Jason Shaw

Tattoos, Tongues, & Trauma
Medical Myths vs. Research Realities
Instructor - Scott DeBoer RN,MSN,CEN,CPEN,CCRN,CFRN,EMT-P

Wound Care
Beyond Peroxide and Band Aids
Instructor - Brian Wall BS, NREMT-P, CCEMT

Suturing Class
Instructor - Brian Decker - Rites of Passage / Pure Body Arts

Blind Box Rigging
Rigging Competition

Vinyasa Yoga
Releasing Tension and Relaxation
Instructor - Kelli LaSalle - yoga instructor, gymnastics coach

Registration Closed

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