Many of you in the suspension community are familiar with Jason ‘The Illustrated Penguin’ from both his performance work on stage and from the suspension photos of him that have been online. Well, thanks to the lovely healthcare system here in the United States, he needs our help as he deals with growing medical expenses and hospital stays due to a kidney condition he has been fighting. With many of us working in industries that don’t offer us the luxury of health insurance or paid time off, I am sure you can imagine how quickly this has added up between the expenses of seeking treatment and the financial strain of being unable to work. One of the things that has always made this community great is their ability to rally around those in need and help when they can.

A facebook page has been made to keep people up to date with Jason’s progress, and give information about an upcoming benefit show that will be in Portland, OR that will hopefully be happening on September 15th. Please check in on the group page to keep up with date changes or more information.

For those who aren’t in the Portland area, donations can also be made through paypal to Any amount helps, and is greatly appreciated. Make sure to label the donation as a ‘gift’ to keep from having added fees put on it. For the many independent business owners in our community, if you would like to help out with donating items to an online auction to raise money, please contact Hilary to find out more.

Also, don’t forget to send him some love and get-well wishes on the event page! Thank you all for your help.