Anchors Aweigh has been a group that I have loved since its formation in 2011; not only their beautiful work, but also the incredible individuals that make their team what it is. I have been fortunate enough to have suspended with them in their private sessions before, and there is something that is very personal and intimate about the experience they offer. It really can’t be placed on any one element, but rather is a combination of the love they have for their craft, their passion to create suspension as art, and most importantly, the feeling that you are in the hands of people who genuinely care about you and the experience you have while you are with them. The result can be seen in the images they capture of their suspendees in various states of emotional release, happiness, or peaceful bliss.



Anchors Aweigh has brought some of those moments together in their newly released photo book. Orb, the Captain of the Anchors Aweigh crew, took a moment to tell us about the focus of the team, the photos, and their book:

“When we set out to start a new suspension group in 2011, we had our sights set on the artistic side of body suspension. Over three years later, this has not changed. Collaborative suspension art concepts continue to reign as our primary focus as we move forward into different projects and mediums.”



“We’ve always tried our best to document and capture the suspensions we facilitate, and make sure that photography reflecting both the experience and environment exists. While it’s nice to be get to share these moments over social media with the rest of the world, there is something invaluable about holding a physical copy of something, and being able to pick it up and share it with somebody else. Social noise on the web is indifferent; having a book in your hand is personal and intimate.”




“This particular book displays images from our private suspension sessions over the last couple of years, in various locations. There are 20 lustre finish pages that are flush-mounted, making it a great coffee table book, with a quality look and feel. There is no text, just pictures.  Over the next year, we will be releasing a few different books of the same quality, but with different themes, layouts, and content.”




Each book costs $35, + $6 flat rate shipping within the US. We are shipping internationally as well. If you are interested in ordering a book, you can contact us at

On a side note, you should also take a moment to check out their custom made Anchors Aweigh gilson hooks that are also available. Just click the Gallery tab at the top of their website for photos and information on how to order those as well. 

 Thank you so much for the information, the lovely book you have created, and for putting something incredible into our community.