All through growing up and being around the suspension world, I have wondered what it would be like. It was such an exciting experience to finally understand what brought my family together.” –Reanna Pierceall

Turning 18 is perhaps one of the most exciting birthdays you get to have. It marks being an adult, new rights and freedoms, and finally being in control of your own life. While many teenagers celebrate finally being free of the adults in their lives, Reanna Pierceall was more than happy to be surrounded by her parents and the rest of her AGRO family.

Although her birthday was actually back in January, she chose to wait until Superpull to celebrate her first suspension so that all the people closest to her could be there for this very important moment in her life. Being the daughter of a suspension practitioner, Reanna has grown up around this community, and has had plenty of time to think about what her first suspension would be like. She said that the experience was even better than she expected, and it gave her the chance to understand this practice that had brought so much love into her life.

In front of 127 members of her extended family, Reanna’s mom and dad set up for her first time taking hooks. Although she wasn’t expecting her parents to be the ones to pierce her, she said it added to the moment, and made it much more meaningful for her. Rick and Angela couldn’t have looked happier as the room exploded in cheers when AGRO’s newest member had her first hooks thrown without even flinching.

Although I didn’t get to see her during the pull, I was lucky enough to watch her first suspension. You would have thought she had done it a hundred times; she came off the ground faster and easier than people I have watched who have been suspending for years. I don’t think there was a person in the room who wasn’t smiling along with her as she started swinging through the air, surrounded by this amazing family she is a part of.

From those of us here at Hook Life, congratulations and happy late birthday Reanna!