For many people, it takes a few suspensions before they settle into being comfortable on hooks. Not simply that they are comfortable in the aspects of pain and enjoyment, but also at ease with their body movements while in the air and truly looking relaxed in their facial expressions. It made it surprising to find out that this was only Stephanie’s third suspension photographed here. Not only does she look perfectly in place suspended in this 6 point angel, but also planned out and handled the theme, makeup, hair, and design for the photo shoot. I love getting the opportunity to talk with people that have a vision of what they want from their suspension, and aren’t afraid to work to make it a reality. Perhaps multi-talented is understatement in this case; I have a feeling that if she could have reached her back and the camera that this might have been a one woman show.


The inspiration for this piece came from a bizarre dream that Stephanie had, and the suspension brought together her vision for the photoshoot with her desire to be in the air again. Although not in touch with any practitioners since settling in Florida, an upcoming trip to New York City would put her back home where she first suspended. Considering that she was already going to be in town working with photographers, she decided to take advantage of her time there and make the suspension happen.



She reached out to Cere Coichetti and Kelsey Didit to facilitate the suspension, and had a great time working with them. Although having to focus on holding certain poses or positions while suspending made the experience was far different from her previous two, Stephanie said that she had a wonderful experience with plenty of swinging and fun that isn’t seen in these photos. Also working with them, Yassir Ketchum did a fantastic job of capturing the suspension, and the images are stunning. It is surprisingly hard to come by people taking the time to hire professional photographers for their suspensions, but the end result is certainly worth the time and effort.


Thank you for the lovely images and the information Stephanie, I hope to see more of your work in the future!