I’m sure almost everyone who reads Hook Life is also aware of what BME is. Which means I probably don’t have to introduce Shannon and Rachel Larratt to you either. However, for those who might be in the dark, the short answer is that Body Modification E-zine was for many of us in the body modification and body suspension communities our first glimpse at some of the amazing things people were doing with their bodies and our first opportunity to reach out and connect with other like-minded individuals. Shannon and Rachel are two of the people we can credit for that piece of our history and the community it helped to build through their hard work on the website and e-zine. And now we have the opportunity to help give back to them. Their daughter Ari is currently undergoing medical testing for health problems that she faces. Many of us can appreciate how quickly medical expenses pile up when you don’t have insurance to help soften the blow. To help cover the costs, BME is offering limited edition shirts for sale through their website.

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From Rob Walshe on BME’s Modblog:

“Ari Larratt is living with her mom, Rachel, in the US and has come down with some kind of illness that is making it hard for her body to digest food.  As it stands right now, she’s going through a lot of tests to find out what is wrong, and the medical bills are already starting to pile up.  Now because Ari is living in the US, everything is coming out of pocket from both Rachel and Shannon.  The bills are already approaching $7000 and they still have yet to get a diagnosis.

So, to help raise funds for Ari, Shannon has designed a brand-new BME logo shirt.  It’s going to be sold in the BMEShop for a limited time, with all proceeds going to Ari’s medical bills.  The design itself is basically an updated take of Scott Fox’s original BME logo, mixed with the Calm logo, and incorporates modifications that weren’t around when the designs were originally created.

You can order the shirt right here.  We’ve set the price of the shirt at $20, with the option to donate more if you wish.  We’ll also be sending along a bunch of BME stickers in addition to your shirt, depending on how much you are able to give.  But even if you aren’t able to give any extra, just getting one shirt will go to help a sick little girl get better.

Also, if anyone has any information on health insurance plans for children only, please get in contact with Rachel via the BMEShop e-mail address (shop@bme.com).  Her insurance won’t cover Ari, so she’s looking for a plan that is just for children.”


Thank you to everyone in the suspension community who is able to help out!