Anyone who has said there are no original ideas left clearly hasn’t taken a look at the incredible artwork by Ryan Holandes. I don’t know really what to label these concepts he has brought to life; they fall somewhere in a wonderful combination of performance art, flesh pulls, piercing, and metal work that is perceived through sensation and experience as much as visual interpretation. As they have come to life, we were given teasing glimpses of the process and the pieces in short video clips he has released. The full videos for this project are finally complete, and were presented Friday night in Savannah, GA at his physical exhibition at the Hall Street Gallery. For those of us not fortunate enough to be there in person, a digital gallery has been created on his website, Meriken Metals, to allow us to see the pieces of art in action.

Dominion from Ryan Holandes on Vimeo.

About his work, Ryan states on his website, “I want to share powerful experiences, to communicate emotional states inexpressible through words. It means disavowing representation, and embracing the direct encounter. It is possible for objects to embody thought, in fact, that is their primary function. But they require activation. ”

Rage from Ryan Holandes on Vimeo.

I was happy to hear such wonderful and positive feedback from the suspension community as his projects first came to light. I think most people have been just as fascinated with it as I have been. As a bonus for those of you who will be attending this year’s Association of Professional Piercers Conference, Ryan will have a booth set up featuring his lovely jewelry, giving you an opportunity to say hello to the artist behind these creations.

Equilibrium from Ryan Holandes on Vimeo.

Thank you so much for keeping us up to date with what you are doing Ryan. I hope we continue to see more of your work here on Hook Life in the future.