Saturday September 25th the crew from Nassau Chainsaw are doing a show at Cha Cha’s to benefit the members of DisGraceLanD Hook Squad that were injured in a serious SUV Accident back in July.  All proceeds from the door and a portion of merch sales will be going to the benefit fund.  So if you’re in the NYC area please come out and support this worthy cause.

Nassau Chainsaw

If you’re not familiar with Nassau Chainsaw check out their video below, Behind Enemy Line, for a little taste of the Nassau Chainsaw DisGraceLanD Demolition Committee experience:

Besides, the show being a benefit and getting to see NCDDC live, there are still even more reason’s to come check out the show.  Strip for Pain, Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow and God’s Green Earth will all be performing that night as well.  Some come out, enjoy the show and feel good about giving your money to a worth while cause.

From the band – “I would like to just say thanks to everyone in the suspension community around the world for being there for our brother Spliff. Much Love + Respect…”