I’m sure pretty much anyone reading this that is from the United States knows what the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX is, along with many of those outside of our country thanks to its appearance in movies, television, and other media. This visual icon of historic Route 66 was recently turned into a suspension playground by the members of San Antonio based Thirdeye Perception Flesh Suspension when they put Tressa up in a 2 point suicide in front of a handful of other visitors that got in some much better sightseeing than they probably expected when they drove out. Typically in locations like this where it can be a very public setting a gorilla suspension might be a bit out of place or even fairly risky to do. However, considering the history of the place, I think that it is the perfect setting for our art to be on display. For those who don’t know the background on Cadillac Ranch, it is owned by local Amarillo millionaire Stan Marsh III who is well known for his eccentric taste in artistic expression. He not only welcomes visitors to add their own touches to his art piece by painting whatever they like on the cars, he has been quoted stating that he believes art is simply a legalized form of insanity. If he knew a suspension had taken place among his cars, I would like to think that attitude would help him to see the incredible craft that it really is.

(Video Deleted)

Congratulations to everyone involved in this suspension, it looks like it was a wonderful time! And as mentioned in the video, Thirdeye Perception Flesh Suspension sends out special thanks to Harley Graber, Joe Amato with SMS, and Brent Taylor of Blacksheep Hooks.