With a city slogan like ‘Keep Austin Weird’, where else would you expect the International Freakshow Festival to be held than in Austin, TX? This year’s festival was October 15th, and included various performers including Pure Cirkus, Dolls from the Crypt, Brass Ovaries, 999 Eyes Freakshow, The Minor Mishap Marching Band, and Texas’ very own Aztlan Arts Suspension. The one day event was full of freaks, sideshow, suspension, burlesque, and so much more to entertain and amuse the crowds that came out.

The guys and girls in the Aztlan tribe are well acquainted with working in front of a crowd, but it isn’t all that common for body suspension to fit in so well with the rest of the entertainment booked alongside it. Typically when a suspension is presented publicly, it is the part of the event that leaves people surprised and asking questions. However, with a festival filled with the beautiful and bizarre, I have a feeling that those hanging from hooks were right at home.


Adding to the list of talented individuals throughout the day were several rockabilly and psychobilly bands to keep the fun going and the energy up. I am sure it was a great time for those both on and off the stage that day as they came together to celebrate the strange. Thanks so much to Aztlan Arts for sharing this with us!

These lovely photos were taken by Jinger Snaps Photography. Thank you for letting us use them.