Most people in the suspension community may have heard of, or in many cases attended, the Dallas Suscon. If you haven’t, you are certainly missing out on one of the year’s best suspension events. The Dallas Suspension Practitioners Convention brings together suspension teams and practitioners of all experience levels to exchange information through classes, workshops, and roundtable discussions and to gain hands-on experience working alongside one another. As usual the Dallas Suscon will be held Easter weekend, April 18-20, and registration is currently open for teams and individuals interested in furthering their education.


Each year, the Dallas Suscon has worked to grow and expand offering even more educational opportunities and entertainment than the year before. This year’s event continues that trend with 25 classes, roundtables, and workshops currently confirmed and more being added weekly. The topics covered in class range from hands on topics like suspension rigging and knot tying to discussions covering bedside manner and aseptic techniques. The lineup of classes is intended to benefit both beginning and experienced practitioners, and is complimented by the hands on learning and exchange of information that comes with working alongside one another on the suspension floor. 


Added to the educational side of the event is also a lineup of incredibly talented entertainers. Guest of honor, Fakir Musafar, will be presenting a lecture and collaborative performance with wonderful members of CoRE on Saturday evening. Wrapping up the weekend will be the annual Freaks and Fetish afterparty at The Church. Each year this afterparty is home to an arrangement of performers from the suspension, sideshow, and fetish communities brought together on stage to finish out the weekend with an incredible night of live entertainment, drinks, music, and friends from around the world.

2013 Dallas Suscon

If you would like more information about the event, how to register, and what we have lined up for this year, please visit the Suscon Website. Don’t forget that registration fees will increase beginning February 15th, so make sure to get signed up as soon as possible.

If you are interested in presenting a class at the Dallas Suscon or if you would like to become a sponsor for the event, please email us at