Some of you may remember Sara Panamby from the beautiful video on here which captured her first suspension she did a few years ago. This new slideshow, which is equally stunning, features her and husband Filipe Espindola performing their own personal Kuarup ritual. Traditionally the Kuarup is performed by the people of Xingu, and is a 4 day celebration which honors those in the community that have passed away. For Sara, this suspension and the events that led up to it were a sacrifice; a way for her to let go of her grandmother who passed away earlier this year. It’s an amazing tribute, and clearly shows how much her grandmother meant to her.

Thank you so much for sharing such an intimate part of your life with us Sara. The photos are incredible, and I hope that you got everything from this suspension that you wanted or needed.

This slideshow contains mild nudity, and may be considered NSFW by some.

COMPASSOS DO OCASO from Sara Panamby on Vimeo.