For people outside of the suspension community, the idea of marking a very large portion of the front of your body with some tool you use in your hobby might seem absurd. For those who have had the experience of falling in love with suspension, I am sure this beautiful scarification piece makes perfect sense. The passion and enthusiasm that many of us feel for suspension often results in it working its way into the other artistic outlets in our lives; for Trevor Sanders that came in the form of scarification. Trevor sought out scarification artist Yann Brënyàk during his guest spot at Fura Bodyworks with Aerik Martin for his Gilson hook cutting, and has documented the weekly progress of the scar over the first 8 weeks of healing. Anyone who has or has seen scars heal will know that this is just the first stages of how the cutting will ultimately look when it is well healed. Trevor is going to continue to document the progress of his cutting as it develops so that we can check back in after it has had time to mature and heal.

Those that haven’t seen the work of Yann Brënyàk before should definitely take a moment to browse through his work. He has two studios that he calls home in London, The Lacemakers Sweatshop and Sang Bleu London, and has worked with this style of design before with ‘portrait’ cuttings that have a pretty incredible healed result.

Thank you so much for keeping us up to date with your healing Trevor! I look forward to seeing more updates of it in the future.