Getting the general public on board with suspensions can be a tough task for a new suspension team, especially if you are pioneering in a place Like Israel that may be less receptive to the art form than most. The Israel Suicide Suspension team was formed by Liron Mor in Tel Aviv back in 2009. They were named “Suicide” because when they first started that was pretty much what they offered. Currently there are 5 members on the team and they are growing and want to push more suspension into Israel.


Liron says being able to tell other people about what suspension means to him is very rewarding. He loves sharing the enjoyment and love of suspension he has with others. He also enjoys personally testing his limits and exploring the art of suspension.


The team especially enjoys putting up new suspendees. “To do this for a stranger is the most satisfying thing ever. It’s all about the moment when you see the person smile. It’s the moment when there are no worries in the world. There is nothing better than giving them a positive experience they can take and share with others. We are truly touched when they come up to us after and say thank you.”

“Of course it’s an art” The team respects the wonderful “art” factor in suspension. “It begins with the placement of the hooks and the rigging and continues with the person flying in the air. Seeing art in the air is beautiful.”


For the past three years they have done a lot of suspensions. They have progressed much farther than just simple suicides. Some of their favorites are chest, knees, fore arms and lotus. Liron recently had the pleasure of going to Russia to free fall with the Sinners team as well. “It opened our minds and gave us another new perspective on body suspension.” While Liron was in Russia he actually had the lovely experience of meeting his partner Zhanna Mor as well. They met at the Sinners event and she has since moved to Israel. Liron says “there is nothing like getting to do something you love with the one you love.”


Israel has given the team nothing but closed doors with anything to do with tattoo and body piercings being very taboo. Only in the last two years have things lightened up a bit. But it is still a very hard industry to break into and hard to expand the art of hook suspension. However the team is very determined and always works hard to share suspension whenever they can. The team recently attended the Italian Suscon 2013. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see what this team continues to do with Suspension.