Early this year we took a look at a small group that had formed in Estonia named Levitate Tallinn, made up of Dmitry, his wife Rita, and their friend Veljo. The group has taken some huge steps forward through the year, including changing their name to the Flying Pigs Suspension Team. Along with the name change, the group has moved into working with live performances, as well as facilitating suspensions for others in both Tallinn, Estonia and St. Petersburg, Russia. One thing that hasn’t changed with the group is the beautiful quality photos that they continue to take of their work, including these from their performance for a local tattoo festival, Street Mirror Expo 2012. Their show seemed to gain quite a bit of attention from both the audience and the media, with an interview by Martha Vasari featured on Elu24 about their work and the performance. It’s great to see this team not only moving forward, but being so well received as they do.

The stunning young lady in these photos, Rita, is in pretty much every photo from the performance, and for good reason; her part in the performance included 2 flesh pulls, a 4 point seated suspension which was cut down into a 2 point suicide, and last but not least she finished it up with a 1 point lower back suspension. Anyone who suspends can appreciate how exhausting any one of these can be on their own, yet she manages to not only perform all three back to back, but to look effortlessly graceful throughout each one.

With how much progress this team has made in such a short amount of time, I am sure we will continue to see them gain momentum as they plan future performances and keep offering the experience of body suspension to the people in their area. These fantastic photos were taken by Filipp Keks, make sure to check out more of his work on his photography page! Thank you so much, Dmitry, for all of the information about the show and what your team has been doing over the past several months.