Dave Navarro is becoming a regular guest here on Hook Life as he continues documenting his personal experiences with body suspension. In his latest outing, he and Steve Truitt performed a suspension on the balcony of the Hotel Chelsea, which has long been rumored to be haunted. For those of you who don’t know the history of the location, feel free to check out a bit more about it here. But first, here is what Dave had to say about his suspension there:

Steve Truitt and I stepped onto the balcony at 4:30 AM in an attempt to avoid any attention. He had set up the rigging earlier in the evening and all we had to do was throw the hooks in my back and get me up. Out in the morning cold, days after Sandy swept through, there was a calm stillness about the city and in the hotel itself. The place is supposed to be haunted by many of the spirits of past tenants. I consider myself an open minded skeptic, yet I swear I could feel them. So it was me, Steve, a few friends and possibly others we weren’t directly aware of. Steve threw his hooks and we got up.

Of course I have had many times at this hotel in the past. Jane’s used to stay there and I have spent countless nights in different rooms throughout the years with an assortment of friends. Some nights I recall more than others, but they were all good. Sex, drugs, music, and blood letting were common occurrences, regardless of who I would visit. One can’t even begin to imagine the levels of inspirational and sometimes destructive energies that residually dwell within this sacred building… Shrine… Temple. Just about anyone who has spent any time at The Chelsea could write an encyclopedia worth of stories. Naturally, this place just felt right.

I don’t know if it was the company, the height, the cold, the hour, the history, the ghosts, or a combination of all of these things, but this night was my best experience with suspension so far.

This post was shared with us from Dave’s website. Be sure to stop in there as well to keep up with what else he has going on.