As many of you remember back in July of 2010, a terrible car accident severely injured several members of our community.  Thankfully Robby, Brandon and Jill have all recovered.  However Arwen “Spliff” Rosa is still in need of constant medical care and rehabilitation.

From Jill – “His brain is functioning very well. He knows who we are and what we do. He remembers all of our friends, family, places we’ve been… Of course every now and then we still notice glitches. After all he did sustain a traumatic brain injury. He still doesn’t have much of a voice due to his tracheotomy, but we do communicate pretty well. As far as movement, he’s recently been moving his right arm. Not his fingers yet, but shoulder, elbow and wrist. He’s able to raise his arm enough to adjust his glasses on his nose. All of this is great news. Now for not so great. Arwen’s immune system is not working well. Right now he is in ICU with pneumonia for the 3rd time in 4 months. He’s had a very high fever and his white blood cells aren’t able to fight the infection. On the 28th he got a blood transfusion to help.

Also, as you may not know, his wife Jill is pregnant.  In 8 short weeks she will be caring for her husband and a new born baby.  Because of this, it is imperative that she and Arwen move back home to New York.  (The two of them have been in Odessa Texas since the wreck happened while in route from Houston to California)  Although they have been fortunate to have many visitors and financial support, it just wont be enough once their baby is born.  Back in New York they both have family and a large support system.

From Jill – “The goal we need to work with right now is getting him/us back home to New York. Arwen has been accepted to a facility there. We are waiting for a bed to open up for him. Once we get that call we’ve got about 4 days to make it there before they pass it on to who’s next on the list. We were going to use long distance ground transport, but due to his health and the weather headed back east it seems to be a dangerous idea. We need to fly him home.”

Because Arwen’s condition is still so severe, the only way to transport him home is by medical air transportation. Yes, this endeavor is huge and expensive.  With all the care he needs the trip will cost $20,000 and need to be arranged quickly.  Once the call comes in to say the bed is available they will only have 96 hours to make it from Odessa to New York.

From Jill – “Arwen is not getting the care he needs out here and there’s only a couple people who can physically help us. In New York we’ve got family, support system, lots of resources, everything we need. Not to mention our Baby girl is due in about 8 weeks! I have been trying to look into medical foundations and charities so far with no luck. Please help if you can.

***UPDATE January 5th 2011***

Due to all the hard work from everyone out there,
Arwen is headed home today!!!!

You all make us proud to be part of such an amazing community!

Thank you so much to everyone.

Due to your hard work and generosity, Arwen has made it home.  However, his medical bills are still increasing.  Anything that you can give will go a long way to help him, his wife and their baby.  Thank you again to everyone.  Without you this never could have happened.

Suggested Donations:
Individual – $20 – Although we suggest $20, any amount will help.
Family – $100 – Asking your friends and family for donations is easy. By making that extra effort you can really help us reach our goal.
Group – $200 – There is strength in numbers. If your friends and family can pitch in we will see Arwen home in no time.
Business – $500 – Giving is good for the soul and your business. With any business donation we will happily link to your company url on the main donation site: (The site should be active by January 1st, 2011)
Organization – $1000+ – If any community or organization can give to this cause we would be forever thankful!

Ribble and Spliff