It’s no big secret that seeing couples suspend together makes my heart melt. There is just something amazing about experiencing that connection with someone you love and care about. Most of us already know what an incredible feeling it is to be surrounded by people we trust to suspend us and share the experience with us, but to actually hang with someone can be so much more than that. In the moments when you are both off the ground, there are so many feelings that come into it; the vulnerability of being suspended, the strength and accomplishment of knowing that you are capable of it, the connection of knowing that every movement and feeling in your body is being felt by them as well. For AGRO Springfield‘s Shane and Saville, their tandem suspension was all of those things and much more for them.

Deciding to suspend together was an easy decision for these two. In fact, both said afterwards that there is no one else they could have imagined sharing the experience with. As incredible as the moment was for them, it was somewhat bittersweet. With Saville preparing for some big changes that will put her a few hours away from Shane and the rest of her Springfield family, this suspension was a chance for them to embrace one another before they part, reaffirm the love they feel for one another, and have a moment of beauty and peace together before she leaves.

About their suspension, Saville said, “Days later I am still overflowing with emotion. What Shane and the suspension gave me on Sunday is going to be what gets me through this transition in my life. It was a moment of peace and love in an otherwise chaotic environment. It bonded us together in a way I couldn’t imagine… I feel changed almost.” Discussing it with Shane was just as moving. He said that he never expected it to impact him the way it did, and that it couldn’t have been anyone else in that moment with him other than Saville. Even looking at the pictures afterward brought back all of the emotion from it for him.

I felt honored to get to be there for their suspension day. The love they feel for each other really had an influence on everyone there. The day was filled with smiles, happiness, and a real sense of unity as their team came together to help make this possible for them. The glances and smiles between them as they prepared were impossible to miss, and the support they showed one another throughout the day was incredible. I had conversations with several people on their team that said it was the best meet they have ever had, and they felt more close-knit than ever. I suppose every cloud has a silver lining, and although Saville’s temporary move will have people missing her, it’s great to know that this day she shared with Shane had such a positive impact on her teammates.

Thank you for letting me be there, and for the beautiful photos for Hook Life. I love you both, and it’s great to know how much you each took away from this.