Priscilla is a performance artist for Ritual Flesh Suspension Team, The Beggar’s Carnivale, The Randy Dandies, Grit Boy Productions (also a producer there), Hung Like a Martyr, Subversion, and many more. She is in love with the fun, cheeky art of human pincushion. Her typical performances include piercings, crowd participation, the bed of nails and other mayhem. She regularly hook suspends for performances. I’ve always loved her work, and recently I got a chance to chat with her about her work with suspension specifically. She had the following to say:

1461528_2646901694197_1486071500_nWhat got you into hook suspension?

I did my first suspension when I was 18, a two point chest suspension that went horribly wrong as it was with a practitioner that didn’t know what he was doing. Fast forward 6 years later (may 5, 2013), I decided to try again. I did a 6 point knee with people that knew what they were doing. I haven’t looked back 🙂 since officially starting. I’ve done 10 suspensions, 2 attempted suspensions (couldn’t shut off the brain), and one pull with a couple of the team mates, pulling another team mate into his chest suspension.

Are you on a team?

Yes. Ritual Flesh.


What is your role?

I started as a performer. I now do all booking for St. Louis, MO shows and public events. I also work as a piercer and do bio after getting my certifications.

What is your favourite position to suspend in?

Knees. My current obsession is belly hooks, as my knees are pretty chewed up right now.

What are some of the things you struggle with?

Turning my mind off to relax into certain positions, with how the chest suspension went, it’s hard to not think about things going wrong, even when I know they won’t with the experience levels I work with now 🙂 also I struggle with not doing too many back to back! I’m FINALLY starting to relax. I think it has a lot to do with changing a lot of my life.

What do you like the most about it?

Everything! Mostly, the family I’ve obtained through it. They’re amazing!! Also the mental challenges, it saved my mental health and it improved my physical health greatly. Love it!!!


Tell me about some of your suspensions?

The most challenging was a tandem I did at Mecca… I did an inverted lotus with my team mate, Rain Bow Dash, hanging from me in a lotus with Steeve Easley of Release. It was awesome, but incredibly painful and also I couldn’t turn my brain off. My first outdoor suspension was recently with a.g.r.o. Springfield and I did my knees. Ritual Flesh, my team has given me quite a few very enjoyable suspensions and challenges: knees, forearms, a beautiful modified hammock, suicides, an angel, and a few attempts at resurrections. I finally did a successful resurrection with Anchors Aweigh at Mecca… Mecca was a busy weekend

Tell a bout your future goals.

So many! Suspend with more people, more tandems, cut downs, free falls, and definitely more outdoor and some guerrilla suspensions!!!!!! Also I plan to attend as many Suscons as possible, and learn all possible parts of suspension.

Hook love ?