Waylay Suspension force is a upbeat, easy going hook suspension team from Brisbane Australia. Founded by Waylay Jake the team has been facilitating a wide range of suspension since 2010. Waylay Jake began his journey into hook suspension with Polymorph Piercing Studio in Sydney Australia. He did several suspension projects with them while gathering his own supplies and building his team in Brisbane. Presently the team gets together as often as they can to put together everything from simple and basic get togethers to large scale extravagant art projects. Their aim in 2014 is to push and expand the Australian hook culture to new heights.

Can you introduce your members to those who might not know who you are.

WayLay Suspension Force:

*Jake – Team leader/ Founder
*Jindy – Rigging
*Kyla – Piercing/ Bio
*Bianka – In training/ performance
*Bee – In training/ performance
*Erin *In training/ performance

North Queensland Chapter – Preconstruction


Why did you collectively as a group get together?

For the love of hooks, the freedom and the challenges – These are the people that just have to suspend! Hook culture in Australia is in its infancy. We are nurturing the Australian Flesh Hook Culture. It’s just that we kind of ended up together, and all share a passion for hooks.

Collectively what does hook suspension mean to you guys?

Coming together, facilitating & learning. Having fun the whole time, hooks is about the personal challenge the friends, family and the outdoors leisure.

Tell me a bit about what you try to offer a new suspendee?

New suspendees get a real treat! Jake offers a fairly in depth online conversation to ascertain what a potential suspendee aims to achieve and how they see it happening. Invites are offered for upcoming meets where we talk about their experience, the date they wish to suspend and the finer details.

Highlight for me a few of your favorite suspensions to facilitate

Outdoors, river & water crossings. WayLay heavily incorporates natural settings and tranquil surroundings. For positions and styles, facilitating standard positions is always a pleasure. Six-point knees for a good swing. However more multi-hook lifts would be fun!

What have been the most challenging suspensions you have facilitated?

Most challenging would be how to treat our delicate Hook Culture – Joyfully momentum is gaining & demand for hooks sees us swinging every weekend. WayLay Jake has created a monster! Grr.

Where do you see the team in 2014, and what do you want to accomplish,
any big goals, or aspirations for the team?

2014 sees team WayLay embarking on a top-secret world first! Two epic art pieces and hopefully a short film – Jake’s take on a modern day cult classic. You will have to wait & see! Furthering our stage suspension & performance we are looking to extend our ties with the Brisbane Local scene, and Australian music community.

Focusing on the team approach, a restructure on administration for a more accessible FAQ and booking info. Who knows, maybe a website – But I don’t want to get to fancy – busy enough as it is!

Check them out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WayLaySuspensionForce

Melbourne - Tour October 2013 144