Brett Kennerson is a 19 year old, petite, Makeup Artist from Moncton, New Brunswick. Brett found herself entrenched in the body modification world at a very young age being pierced at 14 and tattooed at 16. Today she has several tattoos, scarification and recently got her ears pointed by Russ Foxx. She has been hanging on hooks since February of 2013.

Tyler Wolfe, her boyfriend, opened her eyes to suspension a few year ago via movies/documentaries etc. “I was instantly intrigued but unsure if I could go through it myself. But I saw him suspend during May of 2012, facilitated by Russ Foxx, in Halifax. Bliss was simply written across his face. I had never seen a human look so at ease, so happy. This is a person I love and trust, and to see him like that, made me want to be apart of this. Not to mention, the small crowd that was in attendance of that suspension day, was so encouraging, and positive. It was the most uplifting environment I had ever been in, and continues to be today every time we get together to throw hooks and suspend.”

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“When I suspended, I lacked the mental block of leaving the ground. Within minutes, my feet were up and I was laughing. Therefore I was chosen to be on the team alongside Tyler. My love for this is quite apparent. What I enjoy about suspending is the emotions I feel when I’m up. When I’m suspending, the world sort of fades into the background, including all of my self doubts and fears. I feel powerful, overwhelmed, giddy, silly and at peace, all at the same time. I feel beautiful! And I’ve always struggled with that. Every time I get rigged up I get a little more comfortable in my skin as I challenge my body and mind. It makes me a little more sure of the person I am. Of course my team, The RISE: East Coast Division is a big part of the success I feel when I suspend, and when we suspend clients.

972774_10152887514025298_805879519_n watermarkRight now Russ and Tyler are training me to pierce/throw hooks for the crew, and even just piercing someone I have all this encouragement from my team mates! Something else that is also very worth dedicating my time is the experience. Its literally priceless. When you’re rigging someone up it’s almost like your going up with that person, when they leave the ground we all feel that happiness and success. You share that joy. They are looking to you for encouragement, even if they only leave the ground for a few moments, it’s the most rewarding feeling in the world! Each member makes an impact.974877_10152887513995298_618423871_n watermark

The RISE: East Coast Division was created by Russ Foxx, and our regional director is Tyler Wolfe. We have members from Truro, Halifax, Moncton, New Glascow. We’re all so close, it’s like a little family when we all get together. We all appreciate one another so much, because our different values of suspension are what make the group so diverse and understanding. We all bring a little something special to the table.

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My personal goals: To A) Open the public’s mind around the Maritimes! This is art! Recently I performed, alongside Tyler, at the 2013 Maritime Tattoo Festival, a 2 point suicide with a 1 point chest pull on a spinning beam. To say the least, it was intense. Russ helped me breathe through as long as I could, but after 5 minutes we had to cut the pull down. We still had a lot of fun, whipping around on the beam, but I promised myself I would try a chest pull/suspension again! 3) I am one of the twelve RISE members, Canada-wide, that are signed up for Omaha’s SusCon, Mecca. There is no way I’m missing out! Another goal is to get my butt there. I want my crew to be known internationally, and for other teams to look forward to hanging with us Canadians!

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The Rise: East Coast Division: