What got you into hook suspension?

I got into hook suspension a couple of years after I began piercing. I started piercing professionally at Epidart in the summer of 2009 after completing my apprenticeship. I would read a lot of articles about piercing, and interviews with piercers, and from those I heard about hook suspension. The idea of suspending from my skin intrigued me very much. A couple years afterwards I decided I wanted to try one, as I had not been able to stop thinking about it. I had to know what it was actually like. I could only read so much, and look at so many photos.

How long have you been in the industry?

I have been in the suspension industry a little over a year now. My first suspension was a 4 pt. suicide with Russ Foxx, in May of 2012.

Are you part of a team? What is your role?

I am a part of The RISE: East Coast Division as Regional Director and Lead Piercer.

What are some of your challenges and struggles with hooks?

My biggest challenge involving suspension would have to be the lack of initial acceptance from my family. They just didn’t get it, and that is totally ok. I don’t expect everyone around me to understand what I do. It did take some time, and a lot of walking away before I was able to sit and discuss my love of hook suspension with my parents. I can’t say they like it, but they do understand what it means to me and can respect that, which to me is a very big thing.

Photo Jul 14, 11 58 05 PM
What do you enjoy about hook suspending?

I enjoy pretty much every aspect of hook suspending. I love how it can be so beautiful and so intense at the same time. Just the idea of it scares most people, but then they are usually curious as to why. Once I discuss with them as to why I do it and how much I love it, I can just see the gears turning. The seed has been planted and now they are going to ponder the thought until it grows into them having to try it out for themselves. At least that is what I hope for. I find it fascinating the different types of people who want to try hook suspending, people with no tattoos or piercing, just looking for that experience.image_8
What are some of your future goals?

Future goals I have are to be the best i can at what i do. I love to learn and am always seeking more knowledge.  I want to do amazing, beautiful suspensions. I want to help people to understand why, and not to be afraid to ask more questions. Interest has grown at an impressive rate since this division of The RISE was put together, and we want that to keep growingimage.
Tell me about some of your suspensions.

I’ve suspended 4 times now; first time was a 4pt. suicide. I was terrified. At that point I was no stranger to being pierced or tattooed, but just the idea of what I was about to do scared the hell out of me. I watched the first few people do their suspensions and that help to ease my stress a little bit. Having the hooks thrown was a lot less than I had expected it to be, and the initial tension when I began the actual suspension wasn’t quite what I had expected. Within about 30 seconds after I had tension I was off the ground. I couldn’t believe what I was doing and found it hard to contain my excitement. I don’t think I’ve ever smiled so hard, I could not control laughter and just felt like I was on top of the world, doing something I would have thought impossible.


Since that day I have done a 4pt knee suspension in February 2013 and a 2pt suicide on a spinning beam with my buddy and crew member, Dylan MacDonald, for my 25th birthday at The Dallas SusCon 2013.

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My next suspension was another 2pt suicide with 1pt chest connection with my girlfriend, Brett Kennerson, at The Maritime Tattoo Festival in Halifax, May 2013. We started out facing each other with 2 hooks in our backs, and a single hook center chest pulling us together. Half way thru the performance we removed the line from our chests and jumped around on the spinning beam we were attached to. This was an amazing experience that I feel has brought us a lot closer together in many ways. Nothing like being hooked together with a loved one! My most recent suspension would be a 2pt chest suspension, and this was by far my most intense suspension experience. The feeling was completely surreal. I would close my eyes and be in a whole different universe, my consciousness kept fading in and out, and it was incredible!

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