One of my favorite things since I have been writing on Hook Life has been meeting the many practitioners from around the world and learn about their teams. It always amazes me that you can find people that are so much alike spread around the world. Even with language barriers, cultural differences, and so much distance between many of us, there is the common ground of this love for body suspension which manages to bring us all together. The Hooked Friends suspension team in Poland is a great example of friends who, although they are spread across Europe, come together to create their beautiful performances and share in their mutual love for putting people in the air.

Their team began around 2008 under the name Suspension Team Poland, and in 2009 reorganized as their current team, Hooked Friends. The core members of their team have backgrounds as body piercers, and they used the information they had gained from their experiences in that as they began learning more about body suspension techniques. One of their members, Katarzyna, said that they have been grateful for Havve Fjell‘s time and patience in offering them information and guidance as they have developed as a team and as performers. It’s wonderful to meet people in this community who take the time to reach out to those around them to learn rather than simply diving into it recklessly. Through their years as a team, they have built quite a list of events they have organized, participated in, or collaborated with to show off their art on stage, featuring not only body suspension but also pulls, play piercing, and more.

The creativity behind their team can’t be credited to any one individual. Katarzyna explained that rather than a traditional set up with a single team leader, they choose to work as a democracy; the whole team pulls together with their ideas and works to make them become a reality. Although it takes compromise and cooperation, they all do their part and take responsibility for their share of the work to make this all come together.

Currently, their main focus is performance, and although they have mainly worked in Poland, they are hoping to branch out further as they continue to grow. If anyone is interested in booking their team, they can be reached at for more information. Thank you all for the lovely photos and all the information. I hope we continue to see more from your team’s upcoming shows!