I doubt Skindependent Suspensions needs much introduction on here. Their dedication to higher standards has not only made them some of the best practitioners in New Zealand, but also gained them the respect of some of the best suspension teams in the world. It’s no wonder that almost ever picture you see from them not only features wonderfully put together suspensions, but also suspendees that look incredibly relaxed and happy. Their October meet had a great turnout, with both new and repeat suspendees coming to work with them. It was quite a unique group that took to the air that day, including familiar faces like Lisa who is seen here doing a crucifix suspension as well as newbies such as Frank who at 57 years old was trying out suspension for the first time. With such a great attendance, the team was excited as they set to work to give these individuals an experience they wouldn’t forget.

New suspendees are always fascinating to watch for me. You get to see someone push themselves to do what seems impossible. Some can just take off running and make it look effortless, while others really have to work to find the strength in themselves to get past everything running through their mind as they leave the ground. There is a definite feeling of accomplishment when you are able to introduce someone to this experience and they really love it.

With two suspensions that day performed by individuals who were past the 50 year mark, I think it’s a wonderful statement at the age range that this community includes. The feelings and emotions that come with suspending have certainly shown to extend beyond the barriers of age, language, backgrounds, and lifestyles. As time goes on and we continue to grow, I think it will be only natural that we see with it more people opening up their minds to the idea of trying something they might not have ever previously considered.

It’s no small secret that I love this team. They have repeatedly impressed me with their hard work, and the short amount of time I was able to spend with them in person allowed me to see exactly what makes them so incredible. Their team leader, Eden Thomson, is one of the most dedicated people in suspension I have had the pleasure of knowing, and the constant effort to learning he puts in combined with the fantastic crew members who work alongside him really show through in their suspensions. I am happy to see that they are continuing to gain popularity with the people in their area, they have definitely earned the praise they receive from both the public and the suspension community.

Photography by Light Fantastic in New Zealand.