I think for a lot of practitioners, first time suspendees are a love or hate situation. There are a lot of people I know that really don’t enjoy the process of putting someone up for the first time. Generally it takes patience, coaching, and a little hand holding to help them through the nerves and fear as they get off the ground for the first time. But for those who enjoy sharing that experience with someone, it can be so rewarding to watch as they work through that moment of hesitation and make it into the air. Devin Young recently had the opportunity to have that experience with some wonderful practitioners at Jared‘s loft in Columbus, OH. As Hell City 2012 was wrapping up, the fun times for everyone hanging out at the loft were still going. Luckily for Devin, the event brought together some great people to help her out with her first suspension.

Having been through three open heart surgeries in her life, a suspension was certainly not the scariest event Devin has tackled. For her, this was a chance to push her personal limits and prove that it was something she was capable of. She was pierced by Brian and Jared for her two point suicide, and she said that they both did an amazing job of caring for her as she worked to get off the ground. Coaching her up was her boyfriend Colin, who can be seen here offering her both physical and emotional support as she suspends. Although she wasn’t able to stay up as long as she wanted, Devin described the experience as euphoric and said that as soon as the holes heal up, she is ready to do it again.

It’s great to know you had such a wonderful experience Devin. You were definitely in great hands for your first time up. Thank you and Jared for sharing this video with us!