In Brazil, the Go Up Movement run by Eduardo Bez has been hard at work continuing to learn more about body suspension. I have mentioned before that they are one of the groups, along with Valnei Santos, who have been working to promote education and community among Brazil’s suspension teams. These beautiful photos are from an open suspension day they held on May 22nd in Goiania.

It was an exciting day for this group; it was their first time setting up both the angel suspension pictured above and the coma suspension performed earlier that day. They said that Valnei was very helpful in guiding them through the suspensions, and it seems to have worked out for everyone there. From what I heard, it sounds like they all had a great time throughout the day enjoying this peaceful setting and being with their friends. Wrapping up the evening was Luana with her knee suspension; Eduardo said he has never seen someone have so much fun upside down, and judging from the pictures it looks like she did wonderfully.

Whether you have been performing suspensions for years or just starting out, there will always be room to improve. I have so much respect for teams that realize this, and choose to make an effort to better themselves. Groups like this are the reason our community is able to advance as a whole, and I hope we continue to hear more and more from the Go Up Movement as they work toward bringing Brazil’s practitioners together.

Obrigado a todos na Go Up Movimento pela belas fotos! Eu não posso esperar para ver mais no futuro. (And sorry that my Portuguese isn’t amazing!)

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