I have done very few suspensions where my movement is truly restricted, but the times that I have ended up being very eye opening experiences for me. Choosing to suspend always takes a level of trust with those putting you in the air, but when that position involves having both your arms and legs immobile, there is definitely an added element of helplessness that brings that need for trust to a whole new level. Luckily for Ivona, during this beautiful inverted crucifix suspension she performed for the recording of a music video, she was in the competent hands of Ana Laco and Iva Šimi? of Badaku Suspension. I am sure with such a skilled team there for her, it wasn’t hard to be at ease.


In this 10 point suspension, the clean and simple rigging looks stunning. The straight lines of the cord and her body in contrast to the curve of the rigging bar all play off one another so well. More important than the aesthetics of it, is that Ivona truly looks comfortable in this position. I have seen more than a few inverted suspensions where the rigging gets in the way of the suspension; the suspendee will have a tilt one way or the other, the hook placement is clearly uncomfortable for them, or a number of other issues. I always like knowing that person suspending was taken into consideration, and Ivona described her experience as being the most rewarding, most calming, and beautiful suspension she has done . It seems like their team did a wonderful job of making it a great suspension for her first and a visually appealing piece second.

Ivona fell in love with inverted suspensions after her first time performing a knee suspension. When she later suspended in a crucifix position, she said the thought crossed her mind that she wanted to attempt the suspension upside down. The opportunity to perform the suspension for this music video worked out perfectly with the events unfolding for her, and turned out to be exactly what she was needing at that time in her life. Adding to the perfection of that moment was the fact that many of the most important people in her life were able to be present to show their support, including her sister who witnessed body suspension for the first time with this.

Thank you so much for sharing this lovely moment with us Ivona. I can’t wait to hear how your resurrection goes for you, I am sure it will be just as rewarding of an experience for you. Also, thank you to Rolf and Katja Goljat for these fantastic photos from the suspension.