I have heard several people in the suspension community point out how much fun it would be to take over the carousel style swings offered at amusement parks, but there is always the same problem of finding someone who will let you use it. Well it seems that the Mutant Suspension Squad managed to charm the right person into letting them play on this carousel frame that was loaned to them from a travelling carnival. The most exciting part of it for these friends and teammates was the opportunity to all be in the air at the same time; something they hadn’t had the opportunity to do before this. I don’t think you have to ask if they had a great time. As you can see in this video, they were all thoroughly enjoying the ride, and it sounds like the crowd that gathered was too.


Leo from the Mutant Squad said that the team members were like kids playing and swinging together as they laughed and cheered. I do have to admit, I am incredibly jealous watching this. Leo did mention, however, that this would definitely not be the last time they try this out. So for all of us dying to try it there is still hope. Sounds like it might be time to book tickets to Italy for a little go on their playground.

Thank you guys for sharing this awesome suspension with us. And for those of you who haven’t heard of the Mutant Suspension Squad, be sure to check back soon. We will have more information about their team and the performance work they do, as well as some fantastic photos from them.