Generally when setting up a body suspension, it involves finding a crew that you are comfortable with, including someone to perform the piercings and to set up the rigging, a location to work with, and a photographer if you choose to document the experience. Well in the case of Lane Jensen, it seems that all those skills can be covered by one individual. These photographs are just a small part of his impressive photography portfolio, and feature body suspensions which he and his former team, DFX Suspensions, facilitated back in 2008.

After  working for over 10 years at Dragon FX, Lane chose to step away from his career with piercing and tattooing in 2009 to pursue his other interests. He is still hard at work with photography, and his work has been published in several magazines worldwide. With his portfolio covering everything from body suspension and modification to infants and weddings, he has a broad range of subjects to browse through on his website.

If you are planning to suspend in his area, you should definitely set up some time for him to get photos of the event. (And then send them into us here at Hook Life!) Thank you so much, Lane, for letting us use your images and for all the information. Please keep in touch, I’d love to see more of your work featured on here in the future.

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