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There are 3 types of ISA memberships:

Enthusiast – A person who is interested in, and/or supports the body suspension community. Enthusiasts may or may not suspend themselves, but they are supportive of those who actively suspend and/or facilitate body suspensions.

Practitioner – A person who has training and experience in the various disciplines required for the successful facilitation of body suspension. Practitioners of all levels of experience may apply. Practitioners may demonstrate more skills and competency in one or more Key Elements than in others. As a result, practitioners are evaluated and rated accordingly.

Corporate Sponsor – Organizations, businesses, and/or individuals that support the body suspension community, and would like to support the ISA as a sponsor. All corporate sponsors must agree to adhere to the highest standards of safety and quality in all products related to body suspension.

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Once the ISA Membership Committee has received your information, you will receive a Confirmation Email with instructions on how to complete the initial membership process.

Once approved, all new members shall join as Enthusiasts. Instructions on advancing your membership to Practitioner level, as well as Corporate Sponsor information, will be included in the Confirmation Email. Additionally, a survey regarding Volunteer opportunities for the ISA will also be attached.

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