As much as I thoroughly enjoy seeing elegant and graceful suspensions, there is certainly something to be said about well executed, creepy photographs like this set featuring Angel Beau of Las Vegas Suspensions. It is easy enough to take some photos of bloody hooks in flesh and try to make a scene appear gory. In this case, however, the hooks may be the least creepy element of the photo. Angel and photographer Curtis Walker came together to create this “Dexter” inspired kill room at Photo Bang Bang. All of the time they spent on attention to small details around the room really added to the tone and texture they achieved in the images they created.

Angel definitely isn’t a novice when it comes to hanging from hooks, and I think it shows in many of the photos from this set how at ease she is with it. She and Romance, who ends up being on the wrong end of that ax, worked together modeling for this shoot, and it looks like they both had quite a bit of fun with it. Angel has been suspending for about a year, and has had the pleasure of working with Curtis on several occasions when he shoots their team suspension meets, as well as collaborating on other one on one projects with her. For this suspension, they brought in couple practitioners from their team, William Robinson and John Hamaker, to help set up the rigging and suspend Angel for this shoot.

I can’t wait to see more of what this creative duo come up with in the future as they continue to work together. Until the next suspension they come up with, you can check out plenty more of his work on his website or on Tumblr, both of which have several more photos of the lovely Angel on and off of hooks. Thank you both for the wonderful photographs, as well as for all of the information about the suspension. I look forward to seeing more of your work soon!

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