There isn’t much that beats a sunny day lounging around in a hammock by the water. One of the few things that could top it is when that day also includes hooks, your close friends, and an afternoon cooking out along the river. Luckily for the Suspendables, this serene location is on property owned by Nicole‘s family. The short 30 minute walk brought them to a sandy bank which offered the perk of no intruders or unwanted company as they spent the day enjoying their suspensions. Nicole and Chucklez both opted for hammock suspensions, and I don’t think they could have chosen a better positions. I would imagine that the comfort of being able to settle into the pose, relax, and simply enjoy the nice sway back and forth in the breeze was an incredible experience for them both.


While looking for the right spot, they came across this tree. It was off to itself, draping over the patterns in the sand that had been created from tire tracks, wind, water, and leaves; the perfect place for Nicole to enjoy her suspension. When I first saw the photos from her suspension, I loved the way the marks in the sand worked around her. It reminds me of the perfect accidental zen garden to be hanging over.

HammockSus copy

Along with Nicole’s hammock was a more lighthearted suspension that day; this photo titled Gone Fishin’ with Chucklez from their team. The second location was on the bank of the river and featured another hammock suspension, which fit the theme of the photo wonderfully. As fun as the photo is, it does make me wonder how funny the video could have been if he had actually made a big catch while they were shooting. I have a feeling that comfy, calm suspension would have become a mix of swinging, laughter, and some interested photos if he managed to reel it in.



It was great to meet some of the wonderful people that make up this team at this year’s Dallas Suscon, and it is fantastic to know that they are putting together suspensions that are both visually appealing and well done. You can count on seeing more from these guys in the near future as we post more of the exciting events they have been working on over the last few months. Thank you all so much for the photos and the information.

Facilitators: Red and Storm Bertone

Photos: Red