When it comes to truly beautiful suspensions, there are few teams that can rival the talented individuals in Wings of Desire. Their group consistently performs suspensions in which there is a wonderful mix of visually appealing rigging along with suspendees that are clearly comfortable and at ease as they are in the air. I’m sure a large part of the trust and comfort that the suspendees feel comes from the dedication that Wings of Desire has towards constantly educating themselves and improving their techniques to provide the best experience possible for those they suspend. The result of all their hard work is an incredible team that has been providing this amazing experience to people around the world for 10 years now. After a decade of creating unforgettable memories with countless suspendees, their team has decided to share that journey in their upcoming book Wing of Desire – Learning to Fly.

Pre-ordering Now Available

The book will feature stunning images by Helene Fjell, a photographer who takes some of the most incredible suspension photos I have seen. She has worked with Wings of Desire since they began back in 2002, and her documentation of their work is breathtaking. She has a talent for capturing much more than just the suspension taking place; her photos present the feeling and emotion of that moment. Although she has never chosen to suspend, she stated that she has an enormous amount of respect for every suspendee she photographs for their courage and ability to let go. With her photography, she hopes to share the beauty that she finds in body suspension.

In order to make this book possible, Wings of Desire has chosen to hold a 30 day presale campaign beginning April 1st for their book through Ulule, a website dedicated to crowd funding of projects like this. In order to publish the book, their team will need to have enough presold books to fund the publication and binding for it. Although I know plenty of people will be dying to get their hands on this book, in the rare event that the fund raising doesn’t meet that goal anyone who has prepaid will have their money refunded by Ulule. There is no way to lose unless you put off preordering your copy. The book is going to be incredible, and it can only be made possible through the support of the suspension community.

Along with the beautiful photography, the book will also include a forward by Allen Falkner, quotes from those who have suspended with Wings of Desire, and of course Havve Fjell‘s own words to explain the amazing decade his team has been through. This book documents a huge piece of our history as a community, and I can’t wait to see it. Make sure to mark your calendars for April, get your copy ordered, and help make this happen.