One of my favorite things about seeing new photos posted by #Leeds Suspension Team is that they are a group who knows how to have fun with suspending. With their photos, I never see the same thing twice, and the sets they put together are always stunning. These are a few of their most recent photographs, shot by some very talented photographers, including Taras Tsar Bulgakov and Sanya Gordon.

I mention it quite often, and I truly do love to see photography like this. It shows through in every image how much time and thought were put into each set up. It’s easy to forget that even a suspension we see every day, like this 2 point suicide, can still make for a wonderful photograph when it’s done right.

One of my favorites of these is this modified superman, titled ‘The Last Living on Earth’. This theme was thought of by Arseniy Andersson, and I love how it turned out. With many suspension photographs, the main focus of the image becomes the hooks and flesh. I was impressed that when I first looked at this photo my eyes were drawn to her body position, the clothing, and the guns. It was only after admiring the photograph itself that I began to look closer at the suspension. It really is a very visually appealing image, and judging from the look on her face, a fun suspension to be a part of.

With plenty of upcoming performances, photo shoots, and suspensions for the #Leeds team, I am sure we will continue to see amazing photographs from this very creative group in the future.

Thank you for the wonderful images Arseniy, it’s always such a pleasure to see what your group has been working on.

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