October always ends up being a busy time for suspension. Recently a friend asked why we present suspension at haunted houses and attractions; places where it is displayed as something gory and scary to the public. It made me consider whether it might add to an image of something dark, sinister, or to be feared by those who hadn’t tried it or were stumbling on it for the first time. Unlike many of our other events, the people coming out are not showing up with the main intention of seeing body suspension. It definitely raises the questions of whether this ‘forced audience’ could put a bad image of what we do with those people. I see it a bit differently though. I think that under that mask of Halloween, where people who typically sit behind a cubical wall day after day get to cut loose and be someone else for a night, playing up the creepiness and goriness of what we do actually makes it part of the fun of the holiday. People are coming to these events to run through dark hallways, get chased by killer clowns, and get a peek at the monsters in the closet.. they come to Halloween events to break loose from the monotony of the day to day, feel excited, and have a little fun. With that same spirit, the people who might normally cringe at what we do can relax and see body suspension in a way that is fun and lighthearted, even if their skin does crawl a little. Here’s a glimpse at a few of the suspension events that were happening around the country last month.

First up is one you might be familiar with from the last few years here on Hook Life, Trauma in Columbus, OH. This yearly Halloween fetish event seems to get bigger and bigger every year, and with around 6000 attendees between the two nights of the event, I would say that word has gotten out about how amazing it is.

Trauma not only had an abundance of spectators, but also quite the lineup of talented suspension practitioners to grace its stage this year, including Jared Anderson,Jamie Mayhem, Bradde Hamman, Anna Banana, Dave Coyle, Dave Kelso, Shannon Elise, Micah Greenlay, Liz Davis, Heather Garry, Nate Rhone, and Justin Koce. I think the wonderful videos by Todd Eko (edited by Jared Anderson) of the two nights sum it up far better than words ever could have.


While people were gearing up for Trauma in Ohio, the fun was well underway in Illinois at the Prison City Halloween Massacre 6 at Bada Brew. These photos are from the event’s second night, which included Plague of Locust, Knifed at Gunpoint, An Undying Allegiance, No Regrets, Ugly Bones, and WHUT? performing for the crowd that night.


Along with the bands, members of WasteLand Suspension, DisGraceLanD Demolition Committee, DisGraceLanD Hook Squad, and Release Suspension came together to enjoy the night and put Carli D and Brandon Clancy from WasteLanD in the air during the performance by Plague of Locust. On top of getting to entertain the crowd with some fun suspensions, I am sure that the collaboration between so many close friends getting to enjoy a night doing what they love was just as much fun for the talented practitioners involved. There to catch these lovely images of the suspensions was MAGYK Photography.


Last but not least on the lineup of Halloween submissions we had sent in came from a little further south. Sick Boyz Suspensions told us a bit about the night they had performing at the Sanctuary in Oklahoma City:

The weekend of September 27th, 2013 marked the beginning of what would be a long, adventurous and crazy five weeks. This was the second year for SBS to preform at The Sanctuary OKC, a new and upcoming Haunted House attraction with four stories of chaos, madness and a touch of Dr. Satan. Thanks to owners Tino Pascuzzi and his Wife Cathleen Pascuzzi we were given yet another opportunity to do what we love to do the most, suspend! By the end of October we had preformed for thousands of different people. Every Friday and Saturday night there were anywhere from 500 to 1000 people through those doors. The audience was filled with all walks of life, mostly people who had never seen or experienced suspension. So you can imagine that there were all kinds of reactions, some fainted, others gasped and many just smiled in a state of awe. We were just so happy to be able to share what we love so much with so many people. With over 600 feet of accessory chord used, 25 suspensions ranging from superman’s, to rebirth’s to tandem’s , a ton of bandages , a whole lot of sideshow and a lot of blood, sweat and tears , it’s safe to say that the SBS crew had one hell of month. This was a very involved project and we wouldn’t have been able to do it all without the hard work that everyone put forth! Thank you to Mandy Davenport , Angel Stevens, and Trent Duckworth for all the awesome makeup affects, and another thank you to Mandy Davenport for the beautiful images caught on camera.


Thank you all for sending in your photos, videos, and information about the events.