Now that you have had a chance to learn a little about Bardo in the last post, how about an opportunity to see them in person? Those of you near Albuquerque, NM will get to do just that on January 20th at Hydra Gallery. This event will be a one night only group art show featuring everything from painting and photography to sculpture and live suspension installations. There are over a dozen artists confirmed for the night from all over the world, including body suspension installations that will be performed by the members of Bardo. These living pieces of art will give those attending a chance to witness in person the beauty and elegance that we all love about body suspension.


This show, which is sponsored by Evolution Piercing in Albuquerque, will be taking place January 20th from 5-10 pm at Hydra Gallery. There is a broad range of talent that will be present alongside Bardo that evening, and the list is still growing. To check out the full list of artists or a map to the location, you can visit the News and Events section of their website.