I have said a hundred times before that I have a soft spot for couples suspending together. Something about it just brings out the softer, girly side of me. Ashley and Carl Morris are a great example of two lovebirds who have come into this community and made body suspension a part of their relationship. They attended this year’s Dallas Suscon as trainees with AGRO Tulsa, and it just so happened they were lucky enough to be celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary in that incredible atmosphere.

The pair decided on performing a pendulum suspension together to mark the occasion. Surrounded by their friends and family, they were all smiles as they prepared to go up. They began circling each other and pulling to get used to hooks as they settled in, and a few minutes later the people on the ground cheered as they went for it. The crane pulled them up, and they hovered high above the crowd swinging around and past one another. When the fun was over and they had wrapped up their moment together, Ashley went back up solo with Carl watching as his beautiful wife enjoyed some play time on the crane with her 2 point suicide suspension.

Their interest in suspension goes back to before they even met, and continued with them researching online about it after they had started dating. They moved to Tulsa 3 years ago, and met Rick and Mike from AGRO about a year later. Their curiosity led them to attending a handful of AGRO’s meetings, and after Ashley was introduced first hand to hooks at an art event in town, she took the leap to try it for herself. It was a private event with only a few people there for support, including Carl of course. Ashley said she fell in love immediately. Although Carl was supportive, it wasn’t until later that year when he watch Ashley perform for a benefit show in Oklahoma City that he decided to try it himself. It obviously went well, two months later they were training with AGRO to learn piercing and bio.

The suspension community is growing all the time. Some people are just passing through to try something new, and for others is is a way to get a little attention. Then there are those who are involved simply because they love it; These two fall into the last category. Ashley said that she and Carl are like sponges with suspension information, they are trying to take in and learn as much as they can. Although they were trainees this year, they both intend to earn their black badges next year by focusing on learning more about both piercing and rigging.

Happy anniversary you guys. You two are both a great (and adorable) addition to the AGRO family. Stay focused on learning, I’m sure we will see you two working side by side at next year’s Suscon as practitioners.