Many of you may already know who the band Only Flesh is, and if not you should probably go check them out. Their music combined with the intensity of their stage show is quickly gaining them a lot of attention, including a recent record deal.

When performing suspensions for their show, Only Flesh teams up with members of ihung to ensure that they are carried out as clean and safely as possible to protect everyone involved. In a recent post on the website, Jason posted a short clip from one of the many suspensions they have helped facilitate with the group. Here is what he had to say about the performance:

Our involvement with Only Flesh has also allowed us to try out some crazy ideas for shows. Shawn is a wonderful sport when it comes to these ideas and often endures high levels of insanity (although always handled with the utmost safety) for the sake of putting on a great show. One such show, we wanted to have him zipline down onto the stage from the 2nd floor of the venue. Once we were onsite, we realized that this wasn’t really possible to do 100% and if we did it, it would only be like 2 seconds of him flying and most people would probably miss it. Instead, we came up with a way to start him on the floor in the back of the crowd, lift him to the ceiling, have him cut the rigging above him and swing down to hang below the next I-beam, raise up, cut, drop, repeat, about 5 or six times before making it to the stage. The rigging was quite difficult and it required a few dry runs to get right and we really had to consider what gear was proper to use for it. We ended up using 1200 pound MBS cord to rig him to the ceiling, tied to carabiners, with the main structural rigging rope threaded through each carabiner. He was equipped with an Aerojack Knife to cut the cord and not risk cutting his main rigging line. We knew that the visual effect would be pretty intense, but what we didn’t realize is that once the cord had weight on them and were severed, they made an amazingly loud noise which only added to overall performance.

(video deleted)

Thank you Jason for letting us use the video and information you posted. For more about this video, make sure to check out and read the rest of Jason’s post on it. And also a huge congratulations to Only Flesh for the record deal. I look forward to hearing more about the upcoming album and DVD.