For many of the photographers that we have featured on Hook Life, our craft is on the extreme side of what they typically work with; in this case, however, I think it’s safe to say we are on the lighter end of the spectrum in Mister Hawks‘ impressive portfolio. Browsing through the photography of Aaron Hawks, there is an array of carefully crafted pieces of work; stunning and vividly gritty scenes, intense colors, and content that certainly isn’t for the meek. His portfolio also happens to include several faces familiar to the suspension community, including Lucky Hell, Miss Crash, Christopher Glunt, and Ron Garza. His long time work in the alternative scene naturally crossed paths with the world of body modification, and as our community has grown it has allowed more opportunities for Aaron to work the¬†talented individuals within it. One of those recent opportunities can be seen in this photo, titled ‘Suspended Object’, in which he collaborated with both Chris and Ron for this display at his latest art show. There is also an accompanying video of the show that can be found through his website under his new works.

Aaron’s 20 years of experience has led to his publication in several books and dozens of magazines, as well as bringing him to work in many other creative areas such as set design, directing videos, and product design. All of these areas of interest come together to create his wonderful images and art. I think you can see a huge difference in the photography of someone who works in other mediums and arts; their eye for a scene, color, or even the story being told in the photo can make a world of difference in the outcome. On his website, Aaron is quoted saying, “I love creating in every direction. Give me any medium and I will make it work.” You can certainly see that passion for creation in browsing through his work.


It’s great to see another face added to the very talented list of photographers we have working with members of our community. As a bonus, he is in the New York City area, which means there are several fantastic practitioners nearby if they are interested in discussing possible future projects with him. I personally would love to see more of his work collaborating with suspension artists, and he has said that he would be very interested in working with the NY community to create more exciting art involving body suspension.

Thank you so much for letting us use your photos and taking the time to share a little information about them, Aaron. I hope we see more from you in the future.