It’s always a delight to see new suspensions from Gisella Rose. There are a number of reasons that I enjoy looking at the lovely work that she and Dominick do. Added to the fact that she is a beautiful young woman who looks truly at ease and relaxed when she hangs is that you can really tell how much she enjoys suspension both in photos and in talking to her. Lucky for us, she has been busy working with a couple great photographers recently to create these wonderful images, and was nice enough to share them with us here.

It’s no secret that I have a soft spot in my heart for resurrection suspensions, so when I saw this photo I had to post it. As beautiful as ornate rigging or big projects can be, there really is something breathtaking about the simplicity of certain suspensions. The uncluttered shape of the rigline against the clean white background does a fantastic job of putting the focus of the photo on the suspension itself. Photographer J. Isobel De Lisle managed to capture the serenity of that moment perfectly.

Gisella also suspended for photographer Hatter Marie for a feature in a new tattoo magazine called Tattoo Envy. This outdoor suspension has the same effect of a simple suspension that makes a big impact with the combination of body position, lighting, and photography. The intense colors of the background against her complexion is a complete opposite of the subtle tones in the previous resurrection photo, but manages to have the same feeling to it. Gisella’s ability to look relaxed and natural in her body position as she suspends really makes the whole photo.

Thank you so much for sharing these with us Gisella. I can’t wait to see the article that is being written about your outdoor suspension.