There is a whole list of negative drawbacks to outdoor suspensions that can be named; unpredictable weather, limited supplies, access to running water, organization, adequate anchor points, and much more. On top of finding the perfect place to suspend, you have to deal with all the mess of wind, cold, and handling unexpected situations as the arise. With all of the problems that come with it, on the surface it seems like finding a nice simple indoor place to hang is the obvious choice to make. Then you have that moment when you put someone in the air, the sun is on their face, the wind is moving around them as they swing, and the feeling is complete bliss. Suddenly, that whole list of reasons why it was hard to do becomes so absolutely unimportant in comparison this incredible moment you have been able to give them.

Cere Coichetti is fairly open in his opinions regarding performance or artistic suspension that puts the end goal of that project in front of the suspendee’s needs. His first concern and primary focus in suspension is the experience of the suspendee above all else, and I think these stunning photos are proof that his approach to that can be an art in itself. I have seen comment after comment online from people that have enjoyed these suspensions trips and are thankful for the chance to be a part of it.

He has been organizing small outdoor suspension events at this waterfall in the Pennsylvania wilderness, and the setting is breathtaking. I have already told Cere how jealous I am of this suspension location, and luckily for all of us who are dying to get out there, more dates are already being set for next year when the weather warms up a bit. Make sure to keep an eye out for dates though, each trip is kept small with a maximum of 15 people per date.

If you are interested in suspending at one of these events, get in touch with Cere about future opportunities that will be coming up. Even for those who don’t live close by, the scenery and great company would make this well worth the trip. Just make sure to take a camera and get plenty of photos for us here at Hook Life!