It always puts me in a good mood to see new photos from Mute-One. I think the big selling point for me is that everyone I have seen suspend in the Loft looks so excited and happy to be there. On top of that is the fantastic photography by Todd Eko, which does an amazing job of capturing those moments without focusing on the hooks and blood as many photographers tend to do with suspension. These photos are from Ms. Naughtya‘s recent knee suspension, and it looks like she did wonderfully.

Mute-One and Todd have both been featured on here several times, but I do believe it’s Ms. Naughtya’s first appearance on Hook Life. She is a fetish model and professional dominatrix who has spent the last five years teaching and training clients. Looking at the photos and video, it seems like she had a great time from beginning to end. Let’s hope she keeps hanging from hooks; I’m sure no one here would complain about seeing more photos of her in the future. More information about her and services she offers can be found through her website.

There is also video of the suspension if you would like to check it out on Mute-One’s You Tube channel. Thank you so much for the great photos, and as always I look forward to what you’ll have coming up next.


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