November marked the 10th annual New Zealand Fetish Ball, and with it came a night of entertainment featuring performance, suspension, and rope bondage all in one wonderful act. With the collaboration of performers including Absolution, Skindependent, Lukas and Satomi Zpira, and Tawdry Trainwreck, they took the stage and showed off a few of their many talents to the crowd.

Please be aware, the pictures after the break contain mild nudity.

The scene opened with Tawdry coming on stage being followed by Eden, who on top of the  already creepy pig mask also had with him a very large carving knife. As the scene unfolded, Satomi caught Tawdry and used her fantastic skills with rope to bind and tie her for the main event. As this was happening, Lukas was having his own fun with Eden. After having a piece of cloth sutured to his chest, Eden was lifted in the air in a 2 point suicide position. Once suspended, Lukas continued with his work using a scalpel to carefully lay several cuts across Eden’s stomach.

The finale of the show began when Eden had two suspension hooks placed in his knees, which were then used to connect to Tawdry’s ropes. With her still tied up, the duo were lifted off the stage, with the hooks in his knees and back supporting her weight, as well as his own.

From there, the show took a sharp turn into some very “adults only” content. I will let your vivid imaginations fill in that part of the evening. From what I’m told, it sounds like the show was a lot of fun for both the audience and the entertainers. Thank you so much, Eden, for sending in these fantastic photos which were taken by Tamryn Howard Photography, as well as for the information about the show.

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