There are some suspension events that come along that I know I can’t make it to, but I am happy knowing that I will see the pictures afterward and enjoy hearing about it. Then there are events that make me stare at airlines prices, and kick myself for not being able to fly across the country on a whim. (It is $1054 from my home to Seattle tomorrow, just in case you are curious exactly how much that whim would cost.) And even with that, a little part of me is still tempted. So what is so great in Seattle this Friday? Well it seems that Bardo and Operafication have joined forces for a performance that is guaranteed to be stunning. Bardo will be bringing FORM, a group art show, to the Velocity Dance Center in Seattle on Friday, August 10th, for a one night only performance with Operafication as well as a guest appearance in their installation by Jill Coudray of Disgraceland Hook Squad. This show will be all ages, and tickets are only $12 to purchase online. Really if you are within driving distance at all, there is no reason to miss this. It is going to be a fantastic evening with some amazingly talented individuals from the suspension community. The event starts at 7PM, so get there early and show these groups your support.