I think there is only one name that really comes to mind when you start discussing who suspends more than anyone else in this community. Rolf is certainly the first person that I would think of; the number of suspensions and hooks his body can handle over and over again is really quite impressive, especially when you consider the healing that we go through after. Along with being such a genuinely nice person, as well as contributing so much to our community through the photos he takes and events he attends, Rolf also has a love for suspension that you can see on his face every time he is in the air. I really feel like he is one of the people in this community that suspends for himself and to meet his personal goals rather than for any kind of pat of the back from the people around him. It is a wonderful quality to have, and always great to see him reach another one of those goals along the way. Over the past few years, Rolf has rather quickly covered ground toward reaching a goal he started in late 2009; to complete 100 suspensions in 1000 days. Quite a mark to set for himself, but obviously a challenge he was prepared to meet.

His journey to complete this has taken him on quite an adventure around the world, and to work with a number of different teams that have helped make this happen. He said the exact count ended up being 100 suspensions in 994 days with a total of 1020 hooks used. Although many people are probably trying to add up where that many hooks came from on these suspensions, the numbers jump quite a bit when you consider that he worked with Wings of Desire on several large projects, including his 40, 50, and 100 point suspensions.

Rolf wrapped up his suspension journey with a suicide suspension at the Moscow Suscon. You read that right. It surprisingly wasn’t a coma suspension for his last one; according to Rolf, the weather was too cold for the coma suspension to take place outdoors. But not to worry, the very next day he was back to his old self, relaxing in a comfortable 8 point coma at Sergey’s. Although Rolf prefers to do static suspensions that allow him to remain up for an extended amount of time, he said that once he is in the air it is always great for him.

So you might think the next step would be to slow down and take a break after completing such an incredible accomplishment. Well, you clearly don’t know Rolf very well then. He has already set his next goal of completing the next 100 suspensions in 900 days this time. Although this shaves off a little over 3 months of his time, he mentioned that on the previous suspensions there was quite a bit of down time between 2009 and 2010 that he can make up for on this attempt. I am so excited to see where the next 100 will take him as he passes not only his 150th suspension at Suspension Mecca in Omaha, but also his 200th suspension when it comes around. I have no doubt that Rolf will find a wonderful and memorable way to celebrate each of those milestones.

Congratulations Rolf! I am so happy to see you reach your goal and raise the bar even higher for yourself as you move forward.