“The greatest virtue of man is perhaps curiosity.” -Anatole France

The story of Pandora’s box is probably familiar to many of you; it’s the tale of curiosity and the consequences of it upon mankind. When the gods created Pandora, they gave her beauty, talent, intelligence, and other gifts including a box from Zeus that she was warned to never open. The temptation finally became too much for her, and she looked inside. As the box opened, all the evils of the world were released on mankind. The box was shut, but it was too late; all that was left in the bottom was Hope. Pandora watched, as Hope began to rise up in the box from the hooks in her back, the white fabric pierced to her skin flowing as she danced. One at a time the fabric and needles were removed, revealing more and more. Pandora reached out and embraced Hope, drawing all of the evils to be trapped back within the box.

So this may not be exactly how you remember the story going. Kazzy and Alexis, who run South Coast Suspensions, put their own spin on the classic tale for this performance at Heresy N Heelz. Their team is based out of Bournemouth, and first began stepping into performance suspension by assisting with some of the amazing stage work of Lewis Fleischauer. They have since moved into writing and creating their own shows, and clearly are doing a fantastic job with it.

For Kazzy, who portrays Hope in this performance, body suspension was love at first sight; both with the act itself and with Alexis, her fiance and teammate who performed her first suspension for her back in 2006. The couple first met during that suspension, and it has been a huge part of their lives ever since. He even chose to propose to her during a tandem superman to coma that they performed together. The best art always comes from those who are passionate about what they do, and I’m sure that their love for each other and their craft is apparent in the performances they create.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us Kazzy. I can’t wait to see more from your future performances!